Parent Requiem Clan: Unknown

Disciplines: One Common, One Physical

Favored Attributes: None

Weakness: Caitiff have only two “Clan Disciplines”, The player can choose one Discipline for the character from among the common Disciplines of Animalism, Celerity, Obfuscate, Resilience, or Vigor. and the second from the physical Disciplines of Celerity, Resilience, or Vigor. These Disciplines costs (new dots x 6) to raise. Additionally they suffer the persecution of other Vampires due to their lack of any discernable lineage. Gaining or improving Status in any Covenant costs (new dots x3). Caitiff Vampires may also be unable to become or create a Bloodline at the Storytellers discretion.

A Caitiff is any vampire that cannot make a supportable claim to her ancestry. They can also be represented by simply selecting a Requiem vampire clan and making her true clan unverifiable.


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