(Use the Tianpànn Xiao bloodline from Bloodlines: The Chosen pg. 95-104.)

Parent Requiem Clan: Daeva

Disciplines: Celerity, Impetus, Majesty, Vigor

Weakness: Members of the Daeva are subject to an ongoing whirlwind of emotion, weakening them in the face of provocation. They flicker uncontrollably from one passion to the next, barely able to contain themselves at any given moment. Daeva often burst out laughing or break down into a fit of weeping at the slightest provocation, to the bemusement and aggravation of onlookers. When making reflexive resistance rolls with their Composure, Daeva do not benefit from the 10 again rule, and any 1s that are rolled subtracted from their successes.
Daeva who degenerate are especially vulnerable to Manic Depression, Phobia and Hysteria because of the emotional nature of these derangements.

Perhaps out of some deep longing for the true passions they lost after the Embrace, the Daeva have difficulty steeling themselves against the hedonism they allow themselves as members of the Damned. Any time a Daeva has an opportunity to indulge her Vice but does not do so, she loses two points of Willpower (as opposed to gaining one by partaking in its pleasures).


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