(Assamites, Assassins, Saracens, Banu Haqim, Children of Haqim.)

Parent Requiem Clan: Mekhet

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

Weakness: Haqimites do not receive the +1 bonus to resist drinking Vitae even if they do successfully deny it once (see p. 158 of Vampire: The Requiem for systems for Blood Addiction). In addition, Haqimites start play with a mild blood addiction, and therefore suffer a –1 to the Resolve + Composure roll to avoid drinking Kindred blood when given the chance.

As creatures of darkness even more sensitive to light than most of the Damned, the Haqimites suffer certain banes of vampiric existence more acutely than do their fellow Kindred. Whenever a Haqimite suffers damage from sunlight or fire, they take an additional point of aggravated damage from that source (see p. 172 for more on sunlight and fire damage). Just as shadow cannot exist without light, so too does light banish shadow.

Weakness during time of the Tremere Curse: Haqimite vampires are unable to safely drink Kindred blood, suffering one point of lethal damage per Vitae point they attempt to drink. This does not make diablerie impossible, but it does make it extremely dangerous as the Haqimite also takes one point of lethal damage per point of “blasphemous essence” they consume during the diablerie attempt.


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