(Darklings, Shades, Weirdlings, Nocturnae)

Parent Requiem Clan: Ventrue

Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Mytherceria, Resilience

Weakness: The Kiasyd’s shortcoming can be attributed to their mixed blood. Pure iron causes great discomfiture in the Weirdlings. Being in the presence of iron – within a number of yards equal to the Kiasyd’s Blood Potency – subtracts 1 die from the Kiasyd’s rolls to resist Frenzy. Touching it causes an immediate Rötschreck roll, and wounds caused by iron weapons are “upgraded” one step. (Bashing to Lethal, and Lethal to Aggravated.) Note that steel alloys are not sufficient to trigger this weakness, the iron must be essentially pure.

Power corrupts, and among the Kiasyd, even the thirst for power can corrode an ambitious Kindred’s moral bearings. Over time, some Kiasyd grow paranoid, ever more wary of rivals’ desires (real or imagined) for their own holdings. Others become willing to do whatever it takes to acquire the smallest iota of additional power. Still others turn inward, delude themselves as to their ability and importance, or trouble their minds with other maladies. Kiasyd Kindred suffer a -2 penalty to Humanity rolls to avoid acquiring derangements after a failed degeneration roll.


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