(use Morbus bloodline from Vampire the Requiem pg.244-245 & pg.249-250)

Parent Requiem Clan: Mekhet

Disciplines: Auspex, Cachexy, Celerity, Obfuscate

Weakness: The Lamia are slaves to a highly rarefied palate. Only the blood of diseased and dying mortals sustains them, while healthy blood turns to ash in their mouths (though they may take Kindred Vitae and be nourished by it as normal). They can feed from other vessels only when frenzying, but doing so does not replenish their Vitae to any degree whatsoever. Some Lamia feel compelled to drink blood infected with only one specific disease, but this restriction is only a matter of taste or a psychological limitation. Should such a member be brave or desperate enough to drink from a victim with a different affliction than his preferred one, he suffers no penalty. While these diseases don’t adversely affect the Lamia themselves (usually), they can occasionally be transmitted when the Kindred feed, share blood with their ghouls or have sex.

As creatures of darkness even more sensitive to light than most of the Damned, the Lamia suffer certain banes of vampiric existence more acutely than do their fellow Kindred. Whenever a Lamia suffers damage from sunlight or fire, they take an additional point of aggravated damage from that source (see p. 172 for more on sunlight and fire damage). Just as shadow cannot exist without light, so too does light banish shadow.


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