Parent Requiem Clan: Nosferatu

Disciplines: Animalism, Nightmare, Ogham, Vigor

Weakness: Lhiannan believe themselves to be part nature spirit, and the mark of their inhumanity runs strong within them. All attempts to detect their nature via Auspex or any other sensitive magic recieve two bonus dice. Additionally any Lhiannan who leaves her chosen territory finds herself becoming upset, uncomfortable, and even physically ill. Each week spent away from her territory rededuces the Lhiannan’s dice pools by one die from all pools for every week that the character fails to return. This modifier cannot grow larger than –5, but once it reaches this point it persists until the character has spent a full night within her territory.
A Lhiannan’s territory is defined by having purchased the Haven Background for any particular area. A Lhiannan may have multiple havens representing the territory she claims, even if the territories are not directly connected to each other.

All Lhiannan are repulsive or at the very least uncomfortable to be around. The cause need not be a physical deformity. A palpable aura of menace, a charnel odor or the undeniable manner of a predator is just as compelling as a twisted body. With regard to dice pools based on Presence or Manipulation Attributes in social situations, the 10-again rule does not apply. Additionally, any 1’s that come up on a roll are subtracted from successes. (This latter part of the weakness does not affect dramatic failure rules.) This weakness does not apply to dice pools that involve the Intimidation Skill, or to the Composure Attribute.


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