(See Vampire the Requiem, pg. 241-243.)
(Malkavians, Lunatics, Kooks, Madmen.)

Parent Requiem Clan: Ventrue

Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate, Resilience

Weakness: All Malkovians must take a “core” derangement that is theirs for eternity. This derangement may not be cured, reduced in severity or bought off no matter how high the character’s Humanity soars. It could certainly become more severe, however.
This core derangement is also susceptible to being “set off” or aggravated whenever the character uses Dominate. If a Discipline roll is anything other than an ordinary success, the character experiences a bout of his core derangement at some point that night (or first thing the next night if the roll in question occurs too close to dawn). In other words, failures, dramatic failures and exceptional successes all cause this effect. Furthermore, in the case of a dramatic failure, a mild derangement is upgraded to its more severe version for the remainder of the night. (Storytellers, be sensible about this. The middle of a combat in which four goons attack a Malkovian with napalm is not a good time to decree that he curls up into a fetal ball on the floor. The middle of the Prince’s salon later that night is a different story.)

Power corrupts, and among the Malkovians, even the thirst for power can corrode an ambitious Kindred’s moral bearings. Over time, some Malkovians grow paranoid, ever more wary of rivals’ desires (real or imagined) for their own holdings. Others become willing to do whatever it takes to acquire the smallest iota of additional power. Still others turn inward, delude themselves as to their ability and importance, or trouble their minds with other maladies. Malkovian Kindred suffer a -2 penalty to Humanity rolls to avoid acquiring derangements after a failed degeneration roll.

The Discipline of Dementation is a special case of an out-of-clan Discipline being available almost exclusively to a single clan. The specifics of how it is taught is a secret known to few outside the Malkovian clan.


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