(Use the Agonistes bloodline from Bloodlines: The Chosen pg. 16-25.)

Parent Requiem Clan: Mekhet

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Obfuscate

Weakness: The first ritual torpor of the bloodline creates a subconscious yearning for the Second Death. Mekhet are addicted to the quiet oblivion and surreal dreamscapes of vampiric torpor, and most will remain in the sleep longer than they need. When determining the length of torpor for a Mekhet, treat the character’s Humanity as one dot lower than it actually is. The rare and unfortunate Humanity 1 Mekhet remains in torpor for two centuries multiplied by her Blood Potency.
Mekhet tend to enter voluntary torpor more frequently than other Kindred, and are susceptible to its strange allure in their waking nights. Every time a Mekhet suffers tragic or extremely emotional circumstances that lead to a degeneration or derangement check (regardless of the result), a Resolve + Composure roll is required to avoid returning to a safe place and entering ritually prepared torpor.

As creatures of darkness even more sensitive to light than most of the Damned, the Mekhet suffer certain banes of vampiric existence more acutely than do their fellow Kindred. Whenever a Mekhet suffers damage from sunlight or fire, they take an additional point of aggravated damage from that source (see p. 172 for more on sunlight and fire damage). Just as shadow cannot exist without light, so too does light banish shadow.


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