Parent Requiem Clan: Nosferatu

Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Nightmare, Vigor

Weakness: Tzimiscie are very territorial creatures, maintaining a particular haven and guarding it ferociously. Whenever a Tzimiscie sleeps, she must surround herself with at least two handfuls of earth from a place important to her as a mortal – perhaps the earth of her birthplace or the graveyard where she underwent her creation rites. Failure to meet this requirement reduces the Tzimiscie’s dice pools by one die from all pools for every day that the character fails to sleep in her special earth. This modifier cannot grow larger than –5, but once it reaches this point it persists until the character has spent a full night in at least two handfuls of appropriate soil.

All Tzimiscie are repulsive or at the very least uncomfortable to be around. The cause need not be a physical deformity. A palpable aura of menace, a charnel odor or the undeniable manner of a predator is just as compelling as a twisted body. With regard to dice pools based on Presence or Manipulation Attributes in social situations, the 10-again rule does not apply. Additionally, any 1’s that come up on a roll are subtracted from successes. (This latter part of the weakness does not affect dramatic failure rules.) This weakness does not apply to dice pools that involve the Intimidation Skill, or to the Composure Attribute.

The Discipline of Vicissitude is a special case of an out-of-clan Discipline being available almost exclusively to a single clan. the specifics of how it is taught is a secret known to few outside the Tzimiscie clan.


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