Parent Requiem Clan: Ventrue

Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Majesty, Resilience

Weakness: A given Ventrue can only feed on one type of mortal blood, chosen at character creation. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of whether or not the blood type is too broad to be a weakness or too narrow to be viable. The Ventrue can drink blood from other sources, but her undead body treats it like normal food (that is, she will vomit it up soon after drinking it — see p. 157 of Vampire: The Requiem).

Power corrupts, and among the Ventrue, even the thirst for power can corrode an ambitious Kindred’s moral bearings. Over time, some Ventrue grow paranoid, ever more wary of rivals’ desires (real or imagined) for their own holdings. Others become willing to do whatever it takes to acquire the smallest iota of additional power. Still others turn inward, delude themselves as to their ability and importance, or trouble their minds with other maladies. Ventrue Kindred suffer a -2 penalty to Humanity rolls to avoid acquiring derangements after a failed degeneration roll.


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