To resolve the different definitions of “Clan” and “Bloodline” between Vampire the Masquerade and Vampire the Requiem, I will use the rules of clan and bloodline from Vampire the Requiem, but the social definition from Vampire the Masquerade.

A vampire clan is simply put, any bloodline of vampires that can claim and hold the status of clan due to political power. Many clans make claims to ancient lineage, or to fundemantal qualities to their blood, but from a rules perspective they are no different than Requiem bloodlines except in status. Often vampire that believe in the myth of Caine will claim there are only “thirteen true clans”, but which clans are “true” is the subject to endless argument and debate.

During character creation, any character with a Blood Potency of 1 must limit themselves to the five Requiem clans of Daeva, Gangrel, Mekhet, Nosferatu, and Ventrue or select Caitiff. They may still claim membership in their sire’s Masquerade clan, but until they have activated their bloodline/clan they are still considered fledglings, and thus are not considered full members of Kindred society. Vampires that never awaken their sire’s Masquerade clan risk being branded a Caitiff if they make insufficient effort to appear to be the clan in question.

The five Requiem clans are used simply as templates for what basic kind of vampire the character is. Though a character may be “Requiem Nosferatu clan”, she will most likely still need to awaken “Masquerade Nosferatu clan” to secure her recognition as a Nosferatu and not as a thin-blooded Caitiff.

The commonly recognized bloodlines are:


Though any Requiem bloodline can exist and be available for players to select in theory.


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