The Lure of Flames

(See Vampire The Masquerade pg. 180 for details of The Lure of Flames.)
(See World of Darkness pg. 180 for rules concerning fire damage.)

This path grants the Tremere the ability to conjure forth mystical flames – small fires at first, but skilled magicians may create greater conflagrations. The Lure of Flames is greatly feared, as fire is one of the surest ways to bring Final Death upon a vampire.
Fire created by this path is not “natural.” In fact, many vampires believe the flames to be conjured from Hell itself.
Fire conjured by The Lure of Flames must be released for it to have any effect. Thus a “palm of flame” does not burn the vampire’s hand and cause an aggravated wound – it merely produces light. Once the flame has been released, however it burns normally and the character has no control over it.

Cost: 1 Vitae
Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + The Lure of Flames – level of power being attempted
Action: Instant
Roll Results:
Dramatic Failure: The character loses a dot of Willpower as the magic takes a toll on her mind.
Failure: The flames cease to exist the moment they are conjured, and before they can be released. The Vitae point is still spent.
Success: One point of fire damage is inflicted per success rolled, to a maximum of 1 point of damage per rank of The Lure of Flames.
Exceptional Success: Additionally the magician may conjure flame anywhere within line of sight.

Flames may be conjured up to 50 feet away per rank of The Lure of Flames known.
Each rank may be used to increase either the size or the heat of the flames conjured.

Maximum Size of Fire
Small fire (torch) 1 point
Large fire (bonfire) 2 points
Huge fire (room fire) 3 points
Inferno (house fire) 4 points

The Lure of Flames

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