Parent Requiem Clan: Any

Disciplines: As Parent Clan + Thaumaturgical Path

Weakness: Tremere Vampires have been touched by their Tremere Lich counterparts. Tremere Vampires are missing a portion of what might be called their soul, for those that believe vampires still have one. This results in a permanent loss of 1 Dot of Willpower. This lost dot may never be repurchased unlike other lost Dots of Willpower.

The vampire retains the weakness of the parent requiem clan in addition.

Tremere vampires are unique among Kindred in that the manipulation of the blood to become a Tremere is possible with any of the Requiem clans. However it is not as simple as activating your sire’s bloodline, a Tremere Lich must be involved to act as the Avus even at Blood Potency 2.

The Ritual Discipline of Thaumaturgy is learned as a benefit of Covenant Status: House Tremere.


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